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Reading: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (again)
Watching: Teen Wolf S3
Listening to: Science and Faith by The Script Waiting for: SOMEBODY TO GO SEE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 WITH ME

5sos horoscopes: who would give you their jacket if you were cold
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aries: not calum 

taurus: not calum

gemini: not calum

cancer: not calum

leo: not calum

virgo: not calum

libra: not calum

scorpio: not calum

sagittarius: not calum

capricorn: not calum

aquarius: not calum

pisces: not calum

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*forgets what im talking about halfway through a sentence*

I hope you fall in love
 with someone who always texts back and never lets 
you fall asleep thinking you’re
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"James Potter, did you lose Harry again?" shouts Lily Potter to her husband at eleven o’clock at night.

"Er…maybe?" says James, cringing slightly and backing away.

"You see, Harry? That’s the brightest star in the sky," Sirius whispers to the child wrapped in his leather jacket as they both sit on the shingled roof, oblivious to the argument raging below.

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it makes me so happy that strangers find me followable 

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is ur music ever so loud u feel like ur suffocating

update: i was having an asthma attack